This post explains the steps to perform an update of the Lync Phone Edition device.
In this scenario the phone is a HP4120 connected to Lync Server 2010.


Download and extract the last update

My Lync phone devices actual version is 4.0.7577.4451

Lync Phone Edition HP4120 4.0.7577.4451

There is version I can update to so I have downloaded the 4.0.7577.4487 Lync Phone Edition version for HP4120

Lync Phone Edition update HP4120 download

Then we can execute it to extract the .cab file (I usually do it on the Lync server)

Lync Phone Edition update HP4120 extract 2
Lync Phone Edition update HP4120 extract 2
Lync Phone Edition update HP4120 extract 3

Import the cab file (Import-CsDeviceUpdate)

To import the cab file, a Lync powershell command must be executed:

PS C:\> Import-CsDeviceUpdate -Identity -FileName C:\Soft\UPDATE-4.0.7577.4487\

Then we can check the ClientsDevice Update section

Lync Device Update Pending Version

Test the update

Before putting into production, the update can be tested using some test devices. The devices configured as the test ones will be updated automatically so that we can confirm if any issue appears or everything goes ok.

To configure a test device, on the Clients – Test Device – New button:

Lync New Test Device

After configuring the name and the MAC address/Serial number:

Lync Test Device

After 10 minutes of inactivity the device will install the update automatically.
A restart can also help to force it:

Lync Phone Edition HP4120 4.0.7577.4487

Put the update into production

After confirming the update works correctly, its time to update every device of our environment.

To approve the installation of the update, section Clients – Device update, select the update and Approve action:

Lync Approve Device Update Pending Version

Same as the test devices: The update will be installed after some minutes of inactivity of the device or sometimes can be forced by restarting it.