Checkpoint   Checkpoint – Useful SNMP OIDs to monitor (VSX)

It is very important to keep your Checkpoint environment monitored. Given that it offers a wide variety of SNMP data, I have collected some of the (in my opinion) most useful OIDs MIBs. Altough I use Icinga and Grafana (as you can see the related outputs in this post), almost any monitoring system can be used to get … Read more

Checkpoint   Checkpoint – SNMP return 0 value when querying virtual systems

When trying to perform SNMP queries in an VSX environment, data related to virtual systems may be returned always as 0 value. By default, R77.10 and R77.20 vsx systems behave this way. For example, this is an SNMP query to get the concurrent connections of the phisical VSX and its virtual systems:

# /usr/bin/snmpwalk -v1 -c public vsxCountersConnNum
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Linux   Linux: snmpwalk command mini-howto

snmpwalk command allows us to perform SNMP queries to recover a single or multiple values (depending on the OID we use). I find it very useful in shellscripts, and then configured as Nagios custom service check or plugin.

There are lots of options (this post is a very basic howto. You can read the manpage for further information), but basically … Read more