F5 BIG-IP icon   F5 BIGIP – Modify URI path using local traffic policy

Im using my F5 BIGIP (v13) as reverse proxy to publish some websites by using local traffic policies. But i need to perform a URL rewriting. To be specific, i need to strip a string from the URI path.

It could be done using an IRule:

if { [string tolower [HTTP::uri] ] starts_with "/path1" } {
  HTTP::uri [string 
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Apache   Escaping characters on Apache rewriting rules

If you use Apache, probably you have used the mod_rewrite and the RewriteRule sentences.

One simple rewriting rule:

RewriteRule ^/cars    http://myweb.com?productid=244 [L,R]

So, when I try to access to subfolder "cars" of the configured virtual host, the browser will be redirected to http://myweb.com?productid=244

But, what if the product id contains, for example, a character like '%'?Let's try:

RewriteRule ^/cars    http://myweb.com?productid=2%44 
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