EXCHANGE   Exchange – 421 4.4.2 Message submission rate for this client has exceeded the configured limit

An application started to log random error messages when trying to send emails through one of my Exchange receive connectors. So I checked and filtered the "Client Frontend" receive connector that showed at certain minute 6 email deliveries.

2016-01-12T17:49:00.530Z,EXCHANGESRV\Client Frontend EXCHANGESRV,08D31A7027871E90,3,,,<,EHLO server1,
2016-01-12T17:49:00.811Z,EXCHANGESRV\Client Frontend EXCHANGESRV,08D31A7027871E90,43,,,*,,Proxy session was successfully set up. Session for application1 will now be proxied

2016-01-12T17:49:01.155Z,EXCHANGESRV\Client Frontend EXCHANGESRV,08D31A7027871E92,3,,,<,EHLO 
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EXCHANGE   Exchange – Monitor mailbox database copies using Nagios

This post shows a Powershell script I use to monitor the status of my Exchange mailbox database copies and raises a critical alert if any of them is not "Mounted" or "Healthy".
Exchange Nagios Database Copies OK

Exchange Nagios Database Copies Alert

The script takes advantage of the Nagios passive checks and the configurations shown on my previous post "Nagios – Using passive checks without agent".

Here is … Read more

EXCHANGE   Exchange 2013 – CU 11 released

Exchange 2013 cumulative update CU11 was released on 15 December!

It solves some important problems but I was looking forward to hearing good news regarding the searches limitation to 250 bug 😀
See Exchange 2013 – Search results limited to 250 – SomoIT

[UPDATE Jan 11 2016]

Just installed Exchange 2013 CU11 and the issue still not solved for Read more

EXCHANGE   Exchange 2013 – Search results limited to 250

A few weeks ago some users reported issues with email searches as Outlook returned 250 results maximum.

I usually dont perform big searches in my mailbox so I didnt know if I also had the problem but after some tests I realized that several factors came into play:

– Outlook option to limit searches
Outlook - option improve search speed limite results
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EXCHANGE   Exchange – “453 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources”

Today some users have reported an issue with emails that have been received with hours of delay

I've traced one of the emails on my Ironports and I've seen the following…

So it seemed Exchange couldnt accept the message from Ironport because of "Insufficient system resources" (finally after hours the message had been delivered).

Checking the Exchange server memory showed … Read more

EXCHANGE   Exchange – Good practices configuring disks for databases

For each database use its own database LUN and its own transaction log LUN

Independent LUNs offer better perfomance, disk corruption error isolation…

Exchange database transaction logs disks

Depending on your disk and exchange environments, maybe this configuration means too many LUNs.
A single LUN for each database+logs is also a good choice.

Use volume mount points

To avoid using lots of drive letters use … Read more

EXCHANGE   Exchange – Enable DAG encryption and compression

By default DAG is configured to use compression and encryption only for intersubnet replication replication.

[PS] C:\>Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup | fl Name,NetworkEncryption,NetworkCompression

Name               : DAG2010
NetworkEncryption  : InterSubnetOnly
NetworkCompression : InterSubnetOnly

Name               : DAG2013
NetworkEncryption  : InterSubnetOnly
NetworkCompression : InterSubnetOnly

It is a good practice to enable them on all DAG networks and for both replication and seeding by executing the … Read more

EXCHANGE   Remove Exchange database: “The mailbox database contains one or more mailboxes…”

We have moved all the mailboxes from database "PRUEBA21" to another one because we want to delete it

This powershell with no results confirms there are no mailboxes left on that database:

[PS] D:\>Get-Mailbox -Database PRUEBA21
[PS] D:\>

Now, we delete the database on the EMC or via powershell but a warning appears:

Exchange remove database error

We have no archives, no public … Read more

   Exchange 2013 mailbox migration – Outlook cannot connect

Migrating a mailbox to Exchange 2013 in an mixed environment from Exchange 2010 can cause Outlook to be unable to connect to the mailbox.

This is caused because the autodiscover data is not updated automatically with the new location of the mailbox. CAS 2013 servers are still proxying the request to the 2010 mailbox servers.

By recycling the MsExchangeAutodiscoverAppPool on Read more