POWERSHELL   Powershell – Get-Content error if filename contains brackets

I needed to get the first 5 bytes of a file using the powershell:

PS D:\> Get-Content "D:\TEST\file.txt" -Encoding byte -TotalCount 5

But for some files the Get-Content command returns the following error "A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'Encoding'"

PS D:\Scripting\CORRUPT> Get-Content "D:\TEST\file[1].txt" -Encoding byte -TotalCount 5
Get-Content : A parameter 
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EXCHANGE   Exchange – “453 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources”

Today some users have reported an issue with emails that have been received with hours of delay

I've traced one of the emails on my Ironports and I've seen the following…

So it seemed Exchange couldnt accept the message from Ironport because of "Insufficient system resources" (finally after hours the message had been delivered).

Checking the Exchange server memory showed … Read more

EXCHANGE   Remove Exchange database: “The mailbox database contains one or more mailboxes…”

We have moved all the mailboxes from database "PRUEBA21" to another one because we want to delete it

This powershell with no results confirms there are no mailboxes left on that database:

[PS] D:\>Get-Mailbox -Database PRUEBA21
[PS] D:\>

Now, we delete the database on the EMC or via powershell but a warning appears:

Exchange remove database error

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