EXCHANGE   Exchange – Error 130 using Netbackup with DAG passive node

When I was migrating my Exchange platform from 2010, I ensured that the backups using Veritas NetBackup were also working in Exchange 2013, both against the active or passive node of the DAG, and also the granular backups


At a certain moment, the backups started to fail (thanks I am monitoring the transaction log disks free space using … Read more

EXCHANGE   Exchange – Enable DAG encryption and compression

By default DAG is configured to use compression and encryption only for intersubnet replication replication.

[PS] C:\>Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup | fl Name,NetworkEncryption,NetworkCompression

Name               : DAG2010
NetworkEncryption  : InterSubnetOnly
NetworkCompression : InterSubnetOnly

Name               : DAG2013
NetworkEncryption  : InterSubnetOnly
NetworkCompression : InterSubnetOnly

It is a good practice to enable them on all DAG networks and for both replication and seeding by executing the … Read more