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Im using my Microserver Gen8 a lot and, sometimes the poor performance of the CPU is noted (when showing galleries with many images for example). So I decided to replace it by another better one.

CPU model to choose

I chose the cpu model based on this resource

Those are compatible CPU with different performances prices and all of them with low power (so it does overheat). Altough I bought E3-1260L model with a price of 47$, I received the E3-1265L and a refund of 5$ (no problem).

It also came with some thermal compound (otherwise i would have to buy it because its neccesary)

Before upgrade temperature

Before proceeding with the upgrade, I connected to the iLO and saved this temperature metrics:

Upgrade procedure

Open the chassis cover and start unplugging those cables that can avoid extracting the mainboard. Maybe you didnt need to use the same cables as I show in this images.

USB, power and SATA…

Optical drive port im using for a SSD drive

Pull from those points to start extracting the mainboard cautiously

One last cable before extracting it completely

Unscrew the heat dissippator using the “service tool” that is in the server front panel

Once completely unscrewed try to extract it veeeery carefully because it can be attached to the CPU due to the thermal compound. Then open the cpu “cage”

Notice the orientation in which the cpu is placed (the borders) and remember it to know how to replace it by the new one. Then extract it put the new one in the same position

Clean both the old CPU (I suppose you want to save it) and the heat dissipator so that there are no traces of the old thermal compound

Close the CPU cage and drop the thermal compound in the cpu

(this picture only shows a bit of the thermal compound, but i dropped all the content)

And simply revert the steps to finish this procedure.

Check CPU is detected

Boot up and check the CPU is detected. (“Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E31265L”… great!!!)

Disable Turbo Boost

Probably you have the Turbo Boost enabled. I prefer not to overclock the CPU to avoid overheat. You can disable it in: System options -> Processor options


Additionaly (and redundantly) I checked the CPU is detected in my ESX

Check temperature

After some time working with the new CPU, check the temperature and ensure all values are correct

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    Hi, thanks a lot for the post. I recently bought a used gen8 for my home lab. It came with an Intel Core i3-3220 and I have been trying to upgrade to a Xeon. I used this list https://n40l.fandom.com/wiki/Cpu_gen8 to check which CPUs were compatible with the gen8, so I ordered a Xeon E3-1270 V2. However, when I tried to start the Microserver with the Xeon E3-1270 V2 in it, it gets stuck in a reboot loop (all lights come on, the fan spins for about 30 seconds then it just reboots without even getting to the BIOS). When I put the old Core i3-3220 back and everything was working fine so I decided to order another processor from a different seller and the new Xeon E3-1230 V2 just got delivered today. I installed it in the Microserver and I still get the same reboot loop with this new processor as well. As anyone experienced a similar issue? Or could both new processors be faulty?

  2. Hi,

    What type of memory do you have installed?
    The Xeon needs ECC ram, it is possible your server with the i3 CPU has non-ECC ram.

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